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Body Contouring/ ZERONA

To SHAPE & ENHANCE your BODY... without surgery

Women and Men who want the look of a trimmer body without dieting and exercise now have a new solution with a comprehensive body contouring program offered at SKIN MD & BEYOND.

Fiona Wright M.D., a foremost leader in North Texas for Non-Surgical Body Contouring procedures, has been successfully treating local celebrities, professional athletes, and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders with her advanced Body Rejuvenation techniques. This year reveal the new you, as Dr. Wright will introduced you to the most comprehensive Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatments available and her patients are thrilled with the results!

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Remove fat, reduce inches.

ZERO Surgery · ZERO Pain · ZERO Downtime







Perhaps you want to tighten your post-pregnancy tummy. Or your “love-handles” aren’t so lovely. When you’ve tried diet and exercise but still have fat and inches that you can’t lose…

Welcome to ZERONA™ – the proven new way to painlessly reduce inches and stubborn body fat quickly. ZERONA revolutionizes fat reduction in a safe, proven procedure. There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time needed.

ZERONA is a new and proven slimming procedure designed to reduce fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. ZERONA is six quick and painless treatments. You simply lie under the ZERONA slimming device for 20 minutes on your front and 20 minutes on your back. And unlike minimally-invasive procedures or traditional liposuction, ZERONA allows you to continue your daily activities without interruption.

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How Zerona Works

The new Zerona Non-Surgical Body-Slimming Treatment is considered a “Low Level Cold Laser” as it does not heat pockets of fat, but instead 'excites' the fat cells, causing the fat cells to rupture and lose some of their liquefied fat contents.

Low-level lasers reduce the fat in the tissues under your skin and you wash the fat from your body using your natural detoxification systems.

Clinical trials confirmed the amazing effects that the ZERONA laser therapy had on adipose tissue (fat storing cells). It demonstrated that a small pore was created in the protective membrane of the fat cell enabling the fatty matter to seep out of the cell. The excess fat was then passed out of the body during its normal course of detoxification and elimination.

Zerona treatments are offered in a package of 6 absolutely pain-free, no-injection body sculpting laser sessions that take about 40 minutes each; you will be required to come in for your Zerona treatments three times weekly for two weeks. The Zerona laser works best when combined with dieting, but special diets and exercises are not required.

Although it is not necessary, and was not included in the clinical trials—to ensure great results, SKIN MD AND Beyond will also provide FREE, a ZERONA vitamin supplement, CURVA, which will enhance your ability to lose fat. As well, we will provide a comprehensive dietary tool which includes food tips that have been shown to improve fat reduction. Zerona is ideal for men or women wanting to 'jump-start' their new diet, or to re-energize dieting results once weight loss reaches a 'plateau' stage.

What can ZERONA do for me?

- Reduce inches from target areas
- Contour and reshape your body
- Tighten and tone loose skin

I went from a size twelve to a size six in just two weeks. I’m on top of the world!
— L.W., Jacksonville, FL



What results can I expect?

By following the ZERONA treatment plan you can:
- See a dramatic reduction in cellulite
- Drop 2 to 7 pant/dress sizes
- Lose 3 to 9 inches and reduce stubborn fat from:
Love handles
Chin and Neck


The Art & Science of Natural Beauty - LipoLift and Body Conturing


Tighten Skin

and Reduce Inches




Liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States. It is also the most common cosmetic surgery procedure leading to complications. But, with LipoLift®, SKIN MD and Beyond, can offer a non-surgical program for patients who suffer with local areas of excess fat, cellulite and skin laxity.

LipoLift® is a new non-invasive technique that delivers liposuction-like body contour enhancements and skin tightening with no surgery, no recovery time and very few risks!

LipoLift® can benefit both men and women.  The top three treatment areas for women are hips, thighs (inner and outer), and the bra line.  For men, it is love handles and enlarged and sagging chest fat. LipoLift® does not take off the weight – it simply removes inches while it tightens the skin.

The procedure is a coordinated series of non-surgical, office based treatments designed to improve the contour of your fat, figure and the appearance of cellulite.  Unwanted collections of these fat deposits called “reserved fat” appear to be more biologically resistant to diet and exercise—and LipoLift can help take these inches off! Dr. Wright a leader in North Texas for LipoLift®, was showcased and televised on Channel 5 News Health Report for her successful results with LipoLift®.

Watch NBC 5 Evening News interview Dr. Wright on
her successful results with LipoLift
(formerly known as LipoLite)

Click Here

LipoLift®is the combination of
Body-Contouring Mesotherapy with a Skin Smoothing/ Tightening machine
such as VelaSMOOTH, VelaSHAPE, and VelaCONTOUR, 3-Deep

Dr. Wright will select a combination treatment protocol based on your individual needs and designed for your most challenging issues. This combination therapy involves a series of VelaSMOOTH/ VelaSHAPE/ 3-Deep body tightening treatments with Body Contouring injections. This combination Body Sculpting technique adds an extra dimension to body contouring. “Once the inches are gone, the skin can still be loose,” Dr Wright remarks. “VelaSMOOTH/SHAPE/3-deep can tighten and lift the skin in large areas, such as the stomach, buttocks, and thighs, which offers patients a revolutionary treatment to lose inches and firm up with out the need for surgery! If you have been searching for a non-surgical treatment for cellulite and fat, then LipoLift® is the answer.


Want to fine tune your figure and look younger? 
Micro-injections may be an alternative. 
After reading this— you may think
these Beauty Treatments are worth a shot!

Mesotherapy- LipoDissolve is the latest, most advanced and reliable non-surgical
                                    treatment to fight Father Time and Mother Nature.


Mesotherapy, which involves small injections under the skin( into the mesoderm, or middle layer) is becoming an increasingly popular weapon in the anti-fat, anti-aging arsenal. Mesotherapy can be used for many cosmetic improvements.  When treating for body contouring, phosphatidylcholine is injected to reduce the size of fat pockets.

In the U.S., some practitioners prefer to use the name LipoDissolve when referring to Mesotherapy to reduce areas of fat. The use of LipoDissolve or Mesotherapy to achieve Bodysculpting, are the same. Both injections are performed slightly deeper in the skin.

Dr. Wright says that the correct blend of ingredients in the injection is what makes the procedure work -- and her patients agree!


In the body sculpting technique of mesotherapy, Dr. Wright uses prescription products from an accredited pharmacy. Based on your individual needs, Dr. Wright will create a prescription formula, consisting of several medications designed for your most challenging issues.

At present, the FDA has not approved any combination of drugs for mesotherapy — and is presently undertaking investigational trials. For this reason , it is important that
Mesotherapy should only be offered by a licensed medical professional.

In order to provide her patients with the most advanced and effective treatments,
Dr. Wright has trained with internationally renowned physicians who specialize exclusively in body sculpting and rejuvenation. If you have been searching for a non-surgical treatment for cellulite and fat, then Dr. Wright is your answer.




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